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100% Unsolicited

100% unsolicited thank you notes

If only all appraisers were as thoughtful and considerate of their client’s comments as you…either way-agree or disagree you do consider all comments.(2019)

Perfect Jack. I will see how fast we can get you paid. You are the best. (2019)

This is very thorough and I appreciate your effort on this appraisal. (2019)

I only refer to the best and brightest. (2018)

You are always so kind. (2018)

You are the best! Thank you for your excellent service. You have no idea how much I appreciate your timely revisions. (2018) In my opinion, you are doing a stellar job. Thank you. (2018)

I have seen your work and it is fantastic. (2018)

Very good. Thank you for the update…and the good service, as always. (2018)

It’s always a pleasure to work with you. (2018)

You Guys are the best of all time! (2017)

Thank you so much for accommodating so many requests and changes!!! (2017)

As always, your letter was eloquent and to the point. I envy your skills (2017)

This was a really, really, good report – Really, really, good report. (2017)

Thanks for getting the revised appraisal back so quickly.  It is very much appreciated. (2017)

I have read a lot of appraisals and am qualified to say yours are the best. (2017)

Jack. just wanted to thank you for your time and efforts spent on my questions.... I really appreciate the feedback (2017)

Jack, you are correct (as usual). (2017)

Thank you, Jack, you’re the best. (2017)

Wow, you are fast!  Thanks again! (2017)

Thanks for your quick response and clarity when identifying the issues. (2017)

Thanks Jack.  We appreciate you jumping on this (2017)

Many thanks, Jack.  We now have all 4 final reports. (2016)

You are a true inspiration. I can't thank you enough for leading the way by setting a fine example for our profession. Your work has helped make it possible for appraisers to be a respected part of the real estate community. I'm thriving today because of your committed effort to advance and better our industry. (2016)

Fantastic report.  Amazing!!!!  Do you do Denver? (2015)

Thank you for years of good service.  As an entrepreneur, you exceeded my expectations but I, more than most, realize that the daily grind requires a different kind of energy. (2015)

I appreciate your continuing commitment to providing your customers with top quality research and analyses. (2015) 

It was a pleasure to review such a good report. You would not believe some of the reports I review for these small banks out here. (2015)

I would most certainly like to be associated with you in whatever format presents itself.  I have observed that you’ve “given back” to the organization and to the profession over the years, and have “paid ahead”, and that speaks highly of you as a professional.   I sincerely hope we can affiliate at some level. (2015)

Thank you very much!  Excellent service. (2015)

I always appreciate the fine efforts of your firm!  Hope all is well there! (2015)

This appraisal is excellent, one of the best we've ever received. (2014)

Thank you for the excellent service! (2014)

Thank you both for the quick and thorough response. (2014)

We appreciate you Jack.  You’re trustworthy.  (2014)

We enjoy reading reports from your company - although complex issues they are well written and give good support. (2014)

Thanks Jack.  We really appreciate that you could get this appraisal done for us so quickly. (2014)

Thanks for all your hard work on these reports. It is always appreciated! (2014)

Thanks for your prompt and, as usual, extremely well-done appraisal. . . It has been a pleasure working with you. (2014)

Luv ya jack (2014)

Thanks for staying with me till the end. We truly appreciate your expertise and dedication. (2013)

Jack, you are the best, thanks. (2013)

Thank you for your conscientious approach to your work… I wish I could hire you for every assignment. (2013)

I am not accustomed to receiving such a quick response-thank you. (2013)

Thank you!  I truly appreciate your promptness - I wish I could use your firm in the other areas that I cover. (2013)

This was the third report we have had done in the . . . area over the last year and unless the market there has changed, this was the first one that was able to use all sale and rent comps from the immediate area. The other reports were not bad but suffered in the degree of research by comparison. (2013)

Thanks for getting this completed so quickly! (2013)

Jack, just received it and thank you for the great service under such a tight time constraint.  We will be in touch. (2013)

You guys did a great job. (2012)

Thanks Jack, we appreciate the hard work. (2012)

Excellent work gentlemen. (2012)

This was excellent. Freddie was very impressed with your answers and very happy now! (2012)

Thank you again for your work! (2012)

You're so the best!  Thank You! (2012)

Jack, you are awesome. Always have been, always will be. (2012)

Perfect thank you sir… I think we will try to keep you busy on other . . . assignments. (2012)

You went above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you. (2012)

Thank you. It has been a pleasure. Hope to work with you again soon. (2012)

Mucho Gracias. You're a kind and thoughtful gentleman. Thanks. (2012)

Thanks for being a good and reasonable minded leader who leads by consistent example! (2012)

Jack - very good report, well supported and reasonable assumptions. Thanks for well supporting your value estimates.

No corrections or additions needed. (2012)

I appreciate you more than I can say. Thank you, thank you, thank you! (2012)

I wish all my vendors were as kind and patient as you have been. (2012)

Thanks!  Its been nice working with you. (2012)

This is excellent work.  Thanks Jack! (2012)

I love you, Jack Poe. You really came through for me. (2012)

Thank you I do appreciate it greatly!  I know the thought and effort you put into the assignments and it is not taken lightly! (2012)

It is always a pleasure working with you and your team. (2011)