Commercial Real Estate Appraisal & Consulting

Appraisal Services

POECO specializes in commercial real estate appraisals prepared in compliance with the Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice of the Appraisal Institute. The fee one might pay for an appraisal varies with the complexity of the assignment and usually ranges from $5,000 to $15,000 US. Please provide a brief description of the property including its age, location, condition (does it need rehabilitation), number of tenants, etc., to Jack Poe and Mr. Poe will respond to your request the same business day.

Consulting and Litigation Support Services

POECO provides a variety of consulting services. They include, Appraisals, Market Studies, Feasibility Analyses, Site Selection, and Due Diligence. Please email Jack Poe and Mr. Poe will respond to your request the same business day.

Litigation Support Services:

Mr. Poe has qualified as an expert witness in district, state, and federal courts.

In order to expand our range of service to the legal industry, Mr. Poe often agrees to provide comprehensive real estate related litigation support services.
USPAP is "applied ethics" not moral guidance and there is a difference. Applied ethics, such as those required in professions, can be taught and learned. However, anyone who has been appraising at a USPAP level of quality before USPAP was performing minimally because USPAP is the minimum. In other words, those professional appraisers who have always done good work did not gain from reading or being taught USPAP. Beginners, on the other hand will have learned the applied side. Here at the Jack Poe Compnay we closely control and audit every file for compliance and quality.